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Article submission

The International Conference on Supercomputing - ISUM is a forum that provides an opportunity for the academic community, business sector and interested people to present the results and progress of the research in High Performance Computing, which will be published in the ISUM proceedings.

Topics of research and / or development including but not restricted:

• Big Data
• Applications for Science and Engineering
• Parallel Processing / Programming Tools
• Advance Networking
• Cloud Computing / Virtualization
• Petascale / Exascale Technologies
• High Performance Technical and Business Computing (HPTC/HPBC)
• Energy, Cooling / Green Computing
• Scientific computing and Visualization
• Simulation and Modeling
• Emerging and New Technologies in HPC
• Resource Provisioning and Optimization

All articles and summaries submitted will be submitted to arbitration by an expert evaluation committee, who dictates the relevance and consistency of the work with the topical of the ISUM and originality thereof. To present the work at the conference, it is sufficient to send the summary and received acceptance by the evaluation committee. To be published in the conference proceedings will have to send the article in full, which will undergo further revision. Authors submitting work must be registered to the congress and present their work as a paper or poster

Works will be received to be published in the proceedings only electronically to the following address:

    Abstracts's reception:

January 10, 2014
    Notification of Acceptance to
    the Author:
February 10, 2014
    Final work submission: February 25, 2014 (Only for people who commented on the full)

(max. 1800 characters with spaces) must contain:
    Title - with Calibri font type size 12pt, bold, centered text.
    Author(s) - with Calibri font size 9 pttype, centered text.
    Institution of origin - with Calibri font size 9 pttype, centered text without spacing.
    Brief summary of the work to be presented. - With type Calibri font size 11 pt, justified text.
    References - with Calibri font size 9 pttype, centered text without spacing.

Maximum size 5.91x5.12 in (15x13 cm) (length x width). All abstracts will undergo a review process by the ad hoc committee to validate its relevance and consistency with the conference themes. From two days after the submission you will be notified via email of acceptance, rejection or comments.

Must have the following order of presentation in English:
    Title / author with some reference to their activity and their email address.
    Summary (abstract)
    Subtitles to develop

The text should be sent in Microsoft Office Word format (extension . doc) with a maximum of 6000 words, without exceeding the maximum, including figures, references, etc. For reference see the following link format:

Important note:

* No work will be accepted in the form of PowerPoint or similar type.
* If there are jobs in other languages must contain a summary in the official language.

The evaluation committee will review each Title / Abstract, categorizing it as:

* Accepted
* Rejected
* Suggested title change.
In order to conduct an arbitration process efficient and timely publishing of reports, articles submitted to arbitration not meeting the specified format will be rejected. Contributions may be made to ISUM in Spanish or English.

Notification of acceptance of the article will be made in the above mentioned date.
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Guest Editors’ Introduction: Special Issue on Supercomputing: Applications and Technologies from Iberoamerican Journal of Research "Computing and Systems" indexed by Thomson Reuters ISI (Master Journal List), by Scopus.